About Us

We believe nothing is impossible, except for one thing-a world without design. Design is at the heart of everything creative, both big and small, which is why our focus is on designing a better world for our pals, brands. To put it simply, we design innovative digital and branding experiences for brands.

What makes us different? The fact that we design just about anything and everything. And since we love what we do, we work well under tight timelines. So just give us a brand problem to solve and we'll design magic in no time. And how do we do this? We do this using a variety of creative disciplines. Videos, photographs, packaging, and campaigns to name a few!

Our Team

Sunil S

Master of many trades

Animator, Designer and Filmmaker, our Design Director, Sunil wears many hats. With over 10+ years of experience, he has become the go-to man for everything from ideation to execution. What's more? He's great at budgeting, exceptional at paying attention to detail and phenomenal when it comes to coordinating with different teams. His greatest achievement is his stellar sci-fi web series, which he both directed and produced.

Ashirvad S

Maker of extraordinary

Graphic Designer by day and Screenplay Analyst by night, Ashirvad is known for his craft and mindblowing knowledge when it comes to digital designs. Skilled in both stationary and motion graphics, he has successfully created innumerable digital marketing and print materials. If you're already impressed with what you've read, be prepared to be blown away. He has also worked as an Assistant Director for a Telugu web series! He borrows his motto from one of the greatest advertising legends, Piyush Pandey. "Don't let the child in you die. He or she is the genius. You're not."

Abhishek H

Doer of impossibles

Give our Junior Graphic Designer, Abhishek. H, a pen, and he'll blow your mind with his art. Give him a computer, and he'll show you designs that one can't even conjure up in his or her wildest dreams. Better still, give him a camera and he'll show you a whole new world from a whole new perspective. Known for efficiency, accuracy and multitasking abilities, Abhishek is the kind of guy that everyone loves to work with.

Goutham SV

Geeker of technology

His passion for technology is no secret and his hunger to do more is an inspiration. Gautam S.V., our Head of Technology, has in-depth knowledge about all things tech and unique skills for making good things better. Truly skilled in problem-solving, he leverages complex technology to solve complex business problems and deliver simple, tangible solutions.

Rakesh Sujith

Breaker of records

With 10 years of experience in the tech field, backed by a strong knowledge of Flutter, Android SDK and iOS Swift, Rakesh has created many apps that were both critically well-received and commercially viable. His hobby is to make imperfect things perfect. His purpose? To add value to people's lives through technology. A natural team player, his team adores him and everything he does.

Viraja Amin

Innovator of different

Design, development and management are Viraja's fortes. As a Frontend Developer with over 6 years of experience, Viraja is known for his versatility and ability to manage and develop complex e-commerce sites and internal frameworks. Specialised in AngularJS, React JS and Responsive Design, his skills are second to none in the tech field.

Aditi Mishra

Mistress of creativity

Aditi, our Consultant for Brand Strategy & Content, tries not to limit herself when it comes to experimenting with creativity. In other words, she lets creativity manifest itself. And when she does that, creativity shows up in wonderful, marvellous, unexplainable ways. Ask anyone and they'd tell you she has a way with words, an eye for insight and an indisputable love for strategy. These are the qualities that empower her to create brands with long-lasting influence.

Bonani Hazarika

Food stylist

Bonani is a professional food stylist. She can turn simple looking dishes into bold outstanding ones with just a swoosh of her wands.
She strives to challenge herself in transforming simple recipes to visually appeasing extraordinary works of art with eye-popping and lip-smacking details of food that stimulates ones appetite. Her magic will help revamp your website or jazz up your social media account.

Clients (Our Pals)