#Case Study 1

The story of how we made Aashirvaad a hit on the gram!

The Problem

One of our pals, Aashirvaad, has an account on the gram. But to get more followers they had to create snackable content that the millennials are looking for.

The work

To understand how to gain more followers, we did a detailed study, both qual and quant, using 100 participants. We made sure the participants matched Aashirvaad’s TG. It did not take us long to realise that the consumer behaviour of the brand’s conventional TG was very different from that of the TG on instagram. So we dug a little deeper to understand what they were looking for.

REAL. Yes, real content, real images and real emotions are what the millenials are looking for. So we pitched a visual-heavy approach. And we asked our pal, Aashirvaad, to completely do away with processed, heavily photoshopped content. The key is to keep it real and simple. After all, that’s what the gram is meant for.

Once we got a go-ahead from our pal, we started shooting real content every month. We shot everything—topicals, moment marketing posts, day-to-day calendar posts. And we kept it real. Just the way our TG wanted us to.

The results

And all that work totally paid off. We saw an increase in engagement and followers. We designed, defined and set a GRAM-specific approach for our pal.