#Case Study 2

The story of how we made some noise for Aashirvaad in the FMCG space

The Problem

Aashirvad’s Atta business was doing great. It still is. Consumers know the brand, love the brand and it’s always on top of their minds the moment they think atta. But we wanted to up our game a little more! We wanted to disrupt the FMCG category as well, after making enough noise in the atta category.

The work

Wasting no time, we got to work. And what exactly did we work on? Redefining their positioning. Aashirvaad’s TG is vast and their customers fall under different categories, including millennials and Gen X. And this was preventing the brand from having a clear positioning. In order to spread awareness, the brand has to first come up with a well-defined positioning that all of their TGs could relate to. We needed a common link that could tie all of the brand’s consumers. So we dug and dug and dug till we got to the root of the problem and then we stopped.

Because we found the solution—roots. All of Aashirvaad’s consumers believed in cherishing their roots. True, they consumed different types of content and some preferred one platform over the other. But all of them had one thing in common, being Indian. We realised that they were constantly searching for traditional recipes and hacks.

In other words, the brand’s consumers were constantly evolving but they routed back to their roots every now and then. So we pitched an idea that brought tradition and new age together. A marriage of roots and convenience! When we realised that our pal agreed with us, we went into hyperdrive.

We suggested a new campaign, which had equal representation of all categories, including Gen X and millennials. The campaign highlighted the endearing bond with grandparents and their grandchildren. We showed older people connecting with younger generations through their love for food. Every idea, video and poster we came up with had a fun twist, giving the brand an opportunity to build positive associations with their diverse TGs.