#Case Study 3

The story of how we created Education On Cloud for Capital Computers

The Problem

One of our pals, Capital Computers, wanted to create a website where students could enroll themselves and start learning online. This would enable students to apply for jobs as soon as they get certified. But as a traditional offline learning centre with over 100 courses, shifting their work online seemed like quite a task.

The work

So we started off by creating a Learning Management System (LMS) portal, Education On Cloud (EOC), where students can enroll themselves in just a few clicks and start learning online through pre-recorded videos and reading materials. Once they're done with the course of their choice, they can simply take the exam online and download the auto-generated certificates. Simple! What's more, to ensure registrations are done smoothly we created an app for backend operations and Tele callers.

The results

With expanded operations came higher revenues. The efficiency of our pal’s backend team increased with less to zero errors. This reflected in their user rating—4.6 stars on Google. The best part? Students can now learn their course of choice online at a time and place convenient to them. And ever since the creation of the website, our pal has been issuing hundreds of certificates every day.